Home Gardening

Portlandfoodexchange.com provides local gardeners & urban farmers with a convenient means of bartering surplus food. The site has five main categories: Vegetables & Fruit, Eggs/ Cheese/Milk, Seeds & Starts, Herbs, and Other. A listing includes up to four photos and is free of charge. They also have plans to partner up with a local food bank to help people find the best place to donate food if they can’t work out a trade on the website. To learn more or get started, go to www.portlandfoodexchange.com

Your Backyard Farmer
Grow organic vegetables right outside your door, customized to your family’s size and dining choices. The backyard farmers install and maintain your own sustainable organic garden which yields fresh, in-season produce for your table. Services include garden installation, weekly visits, and weekly harvests from your garden.

Sellwood Garden Club
The Sellwood Garden Club takes “mostly useless lawns” throughout SE Portland and turns them into min-urban farms that collectively nourish hundreds of people. Through a strictly barter arrangement with land owners, they “pay rent” on the land and water use by delivering a rent basket of produce each week from early May until Thanksgiving.

Got garden space to share with someone else?  Looking for property to garden on?  Check out the map at www.yardsharing.org and see what’s available–or needed–in your neighborhood.

Growing Gardens
2003 NE 42nd Avenue, #3
Portland, OR 97213
Growing Gardens’ staff and volunteers install food gardens for low income families and individuals in their homes, at neighborhood schools, and at other non-profit organizations.  Their “Learn & Grow” gardening workshops, including their parent-child workshops, are open to the public for a sliding scale donation of $5-$20.  To learn more or sign up for a class or to volunteer, go to www.growinggardens.com.

Portland Nursery
Awesome resource for home gardeners with 2 SE Portland locations.  Offers classes, workshops and extremely helpful staff.

Garden Fever
A NE Portland treasure offering plants, tools, supplies, classes & workshops, events, and friendly & knowledgeable advice for experienced and novice home gardeners.

Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply
Bees, worms, a wide range of organic products including soil amendments and fertilizer, seeds, chicken- and goat-keeping classes, friendly advice, and a place to meet other “urban homesteaders”.

Portland Fruit Tree Project
Got fruit or nut trees? Need help harvesting?  The Portland Fruit Tree Project registers fruit and nut trees throughout the city, brings people together to harvest and distribute thousands of pounds of fresh fruit each year, and teaches tree care and food preservation in hands-on workshops.