Fish & Seafood

In addition to the specialty markets listed below, fresh fish and seafood are available from many of the area grocers.  See also: Grocers and Specialty Markets


Iliamna Fish Co.
A family fishing business, offering Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York-based salmon shares. Iliamna Fish Company sockeye salmon are Marine Stewardship Council certified—signifying the ocean, rivers and lake where their wild sockeye grow are part of a healthy and pure marine ecosystem.
Product: Premium hand-selected wild sockeye salmon (21 pounds, about 12 fillets) filleted, frozen and vacuum sealed.

Price: $208 for 21 pounds (about $9.90 per pound) in 2012.
Purchasing: go to sign up for shares. You can also go to to buy their salmon online.


Cabezon Restaurant & Fish Market
5200 NE Sacramento St., Portland

Fresh seafood, all caught locally whenever possible, is sold whole or by the portion. Seasonal selections can include: rougheye cod, albacore tuna, oysters, clams, steelhead, cabezon or Dungeness crab. The Market is open Monday-Saturday from 2pm-6pm.

Flying Fish Company
2310 SE Hawthorne
Portland, OR 97214
Owners Lyf & Natalie Gildersleeve offer high-quality, sustainable seafood at competitive prices, as well as local grass fed beef, buffalo, elk, pork, lamb, local chicken, eggs, and many other specialty items.

Newman’s Fish Company
Inside City Market
735 Northwest 21st Avenue, Portland
Newman’s Fish sells high quality, fresh seafood, both wholesale to local restaurants and markets and retail to the general public.  The fresh fish report is available everyday after 4pm by calling 503-286-5950.

Oregon Seafood Market
1167 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy, Hillsboro
A retail seafood market with saltwater sea tanks, offering fresh fish and live lobster, crabs, oysters, and clams. Sustainability and sourcing info not known.

Fitts Seafoods
1555 12th Street SE, Salem
In operation since 1901, at one time there were several Fitts stores throughout the Willamette Valley. Today, the one remaining Fitts specializes in wild and farmed fish, along with free-range, hormone- and antibiotic- free meats. Open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Tony’s Smokehouse and Cannery
1316 Washington St, Oregon City
Tony’s Smokehouse offers smoked fish and seafood products. It is FDA certified and follows all Federal guidelines for processing. It is also Kosher inspected and approved yearly. No specific info provided on sustainability or sourcing.

A B C Seafood Market
6509 SE Powell Boulevard, Portland
Live fish, clams, oysters, crabs, lobsters. Seasonal selection so depending on when you go, you’ll find a different assortment of shellfish and fish.  No info provided on sustainability or sourcing.

OM Seafood Company
3514 SE 76th Avenue, Portland
A family-owned seafood business that specializes in the wholesale industry and retail market. Extensive selection of live Dungeness crabs, Maine lobsters, various clams, fish, oysters, mussels, crawfish, blue crabs, and much more. Most of these items are stored live in insulated tanks. Fresh and frozen seafood is also available. Many of their products are locally sourced and certified sustainable choices by Marine Stewardship Council, Fish Choice, and other similar organizations.