Community Gardens

Community gardens are public garden plots rented to local residents on which they can grow their own produce. Water is usually available or provided by the venue. Gardeners are expected to keep their gardens growing and weed-free. Organic gardening is encouraged.  Work parties and classes are frequently offered.

Portland Community Gardens
There are 35 community gardens located throughout the city of Portland, developed and operated by volunteers and the Portland Parks & Recreation staff.

If you are interested in becoming a Portland community gardener, you need to submit a Garden Plot Request Form, selecting one or two community gardens that would work for you. You will be notified if a plot is available. If no plots are available, PP&R will add you to their waiting list.

Fees are $75 plus a $10 fee for a full 20×20 foot plot, $38 + $10 deposit for a half plot, or $20 and no deposit for a raised bed garden plot. Some scholarships are available.

EASTSIDE Community Garden Locations

Cully Community Garden
NE 42nd Ave & Killingworth St

Everett Community Garden
NE 27th Ave & Everett St

Hazelwood Community Garden
NE 117th & Holladay

Kennedy Community Garden
5736 NE 33rd Ave

Madison Community Garden
2735 NE 82nd

Rigler Community Garden
5401 NE Prescott St

Sabin Community Garden
NE 19th Ave & Skidmore St

Senn’s Community Garden
NE 112th Ave & Prescott St

Vestal Community Garden
NE 81st Ave & Everett St

Woodlawn Community Garden
NE 11th Ave & Claremont

Berrydale Community Garden
SE 90th Ave & Taylor St

Brentwood Community Garden
SE 57th Ave & Cooper St

Buckman Community Garden
SE 18th Ave & Oak St

Clinton Community Garden
SE 18th Ave & Clinton St

Colonel Summers Community Garden
SE 20th Ave & Taylor St

Earl Boyles Community Garden
SE 110th Ave & Francis St

Gilbert Heights Community Garden
SE 130th Ave & SE Boise St

Ivon Community Garden
SE 37th Ave & Ivon St

Lents Community Garden
SE 88th Ave & Steele St

Peace Community Garden
12727 SE Market

Sellwood Community Garden
SE 21st Ave & Harney St

Sewallcrest Community Garden
SE 31st Ave & Market St

WESTSIDE Community Garden Locations

Adams Community Garden
4300 NW Cornell Rd

Front & Curry Community Garden
SW Naito Pkwy & Curry St

Fulton Community Garden
SW 3rd Ave & Miles St

Gabriel Community Garden & Orchard
SW 41st Ave & Canby St

Vermont Hills Community Garden
SW 55th Ave & Iowa St

Water & Gibbs Community Garden
SW Water Ave & Gibbs St


Beach Community Garden
N Campbell Ave & Going Ct

Boise-Eliot Community Garden
318 N Fremont St

Johns Community Garden
N Edison St & John Ave

McCoy Community Garden
N Newman Ave & Fessenden St

Patton Community Garden
4619 N Michigan Ave

Pier Community Garden
N Iris Way & Barr Ave

Portsmouth Community Garden
N Hunt St & Courtenay Ave

Contact info: Community Gardens Office • 6437 SE Division • Portland, OR 97206 • 503-823-1612  •

Beaverton Community Gardens
Beaverton currently has three community garden sites available to Beaverton residents.•    Welch-Centennial (located at 10th & Erickson), which contains 15 garden plots & 2 raised beds
•    Community Center Gardens (located behind the Beaverton Community Center at 5th & Hall), which contains 22 garden plots and 20 raised beds
•    Kennedy Gardens (located at 103rd & Kennedy), which contains 85 garden plots. This site is not permanent (on a year-by-year basis)
All plots are rented annually (January through December), and the annual fee covers garden space, water, and access to yard debris containers.

20’x20′ plots are $50 per year.  4’x 8′ raised-bed, wheelchair accessible plots for disabled citizens are $15. Beaverton is committed to enabling as many as 85 Beaverton area families to grow food; so there is a “one plot per household” rule.
Plot assignments are made to new gardeners on the waiting list as they become available. To get on the waiting list, you need to fill out this registration form and submit the appropriate garden fee. In the event you are not assigned a plot, your un-cashed check will be returned.

If you can’t get a plot in Beaverton’s Community Garden Program, they encourage you to contact the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District (THPRD) to find out if plots are available in their program. To learn more, visit the THPRD Web site ( or call (503) 645-6433.
Contact info: The program manager is Scott Keller.  He can be reached at or 503/526-2665.

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation Community Gardens
The Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District promotes and provides gardening opportunities for residents at three THPRD park sites:
•    Harman Swim Center (located at 7300 SW Scholls Ferry Road)
•    Cedar Hills Park (located at Cedar Hills Blvd. north of Walker Road)
•    John Marty Park Community Organic Garden (located at Powerline corridor between Charlais & Somerset Drive in Beaverton).
Garden plots are rented for a full calendar year. Current users are given the option to renew, before plots are made available to other gardeners.
At the Harman and Cedar Hills Park sites, a single space (15’x15′) rents for $20.  A family space (15’x30′) rents for $30.At John Marty Park Organic Garden, a single space (12’x12′) rents for $20

If you are interested in renting a garden plot, download a reservation form here and mail your completed form to Lisa Novak, 15707 SW Walker Rd., Beaverton, OR 97006.
For more information, contact Lisa at or 503/645-6433.

Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation Community Gardens
Five community garden sites are available throughout Vancouver, Washington.
•    Marshall Community Park Garden (1009 E. McLoughlin Blvd), which has 75 20×20′ plots, 20 10×10′ plots and 3 raised 4×12′ beds, and 8 round raised containers.
•    Haagen Community Park Garden (NE 9th St, west of NE 136th Ave), which has 12 20×20′ plots, 12 10×10′ plots.
•    Campus Garden (Campus Drive & 65th Avenue), which has 75 20×20′ plots.
•    Ellsworth Road Garden (SE 10th Street & Ellsworth Road), which has 50 20×20′ plots.
•    Fruit Valley Park (31st Street & Fruit Valley Rd), which has 24 20×20′ plots and 8 10×10′ plots.

Prices are $40 for 20’x20′ plot, $20 for 10’x10′ plot, and $15 for raised beds/containers.   Senior Rates (60 and older) $30 for 20’x20′; $15 for 10’x10′, and $10 for raised beds.

New gardener registrations are taken in person at the Marshall Community Center beginning in mid-February.  The Marshall Center is at 1009 East McLoughlin Boulevard, Vancouver.  Their phone number is 360/487-7100.

Grow Portland
Grow Portland is is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding urban gardening and urban agriculture in the Portland metro-area. They work with community organizations & private land owners to build and manage community gardens, and also provide training to urban farmers and market gardeners. You can connect with them by web, through Facebook or sign up for their blog at

Community Gardens Creators
CGC was established in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in order to expand the community gardening opportunities available in the Portland Metro area. Land owners provide a suitable site, access to water, and long-term management for the garden.  CGC develops the site into a community garden free of charge to the land owner.
Two existing CGC sites:
•    St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church: CGC’s first project was at St. Gabriel’s Church.
•    Boones Ferry Community Church: CGC provided technical advice and financial support to enable the Church to create a garden on their Church grounds.
The corporation directors and board are all volunteers.  There are no paid staff members.  The projects are constructed by volunteers and paid contractors.
CGC is located in Beaverton, To learn more: