Welcome to Portland Local Food. com—your “one stop” online guide to finding local & organic food in/around Portland, Oregon.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to find great local sources for your food by bringing together as many resources as possible on one website.

We also want to provide information and support to people (like us) who may be relatively new to the local organic food scene, but want to shift  in that direction.  Some of us saw the film Food Inc. and decided to become vegetarians.  Others of us used it as the catalyst to opt out of the industrial food chain and begin buying healthy meat direct from local farmers.  Wherever you are on the local organic food continuum, we hope to have the resources you need for your own personal next steps and to make it easier for you to take them.


Got a local resource that should be added?
In a place as food-focused as Portland, it’s not surprising that new resources spring up every day.  So, it’s inevitable we’ll miss something.  Please feel free to send us resources that should be added.


Find an error?
Keeping a resource website current is a herculean task—especially when it’s not your full-time job. If you see something that needs updating, please send us the corrections (and thanks for your help!)

If you want to learn more about us and what inspired us to create this site, click on the “About Us” tab.   Otherwise, have fun exploring Portland Local Food.


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