Welcome to Portland Local Food. com—your “one stop” online guide to finding local & organic food in/around Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find great local sources for your food by bringing together as many resources as possible on one website.


Be sure to check out “EATING LOCAL made easy” highlighting Northwest seasonal foods along with ideas for how to prepare and preserve them.The guide to EATING LOCAL includes:

  • harvest timetables (for our Northwest region) to know what produce is in season
  • laminated monthly cards with meal ideas, recipes, and preserving tips for seasonal produce
  • numerous resources for eating local in the Portland area

Guides are available for purchase at Food Front Coop, New Seasons Market, Bob’s Red Mill, Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply, Cherry Sprout Produce Market, City Farm, Etcetera, Warehouse Café, and online from creator, Jen Bracy. Oh yes, and there’s a great poster available as well.

Got a local resource that should be added?
In a place as food-focused as Portland, it’s not surprising that new resources spring up every day.  So, it’s inevitable we’ll miss something.  Please feel free to send us resources that should be added.

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Keeping a resource website current is a herculean task—especially when it’s not your full-time job. If you see something that needs updating, please send us the corrections (and thanks for your help!)

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